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*since the end of 2021 together with PHAT CONSULTING

Looking for the initial spark, ecological transformation, a creative sustainability consultant, a long-term strategic partner with a strong focus on ecoism and true value creation? TUTAKA Island could be your future companion.


We want to achieve more (impact). 
Thats why we paired up with PHAT CONSULTING last year. 

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B2B Marketplace

It all started with a marketplace for sustainable products.
It still exists (of course).



With whom and how we work and what kind of methods we take with us. 

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Together, not alone

Our daily motivation


An estimated 80% of the people displaced by climate change are women. (@ClimateReality)


Without bees, we risk losing 71 of the 100 plant species that are responsible for 90% of our global diet. (@UNEP)


It would take 18 years of total regeneration of our planet to make up for the damage caused by overuse of natural resources, provided that overuse was completely reversible.


About 1.4 trillion trees, which make up 35% of forest cover, have disappeared in the past few thousand years of human dominance on our planet. (@UN Biodiversity)


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