Communication & Design Thinking Workshop


BESONDERE ORTE are sustainability champions. We analysed their external communication and developed creative, new impulses with the team. The focus was particularly on the added value of sustainability for guests and organisers.

In autumn 2019 BESONDERE ORTE managing director Anke Stopperich approached us and asked us to analyse the BO sustainability communication strategy, to give impulses and to sharpen it. Her wish is to strengthen BO's pioneering role and to clearly define new standards in communication with her team.

In January 2020 the 3-month cooperation started, which ended with a joint Design Thinking Workshop. For a whole day we talked about sustainability, hosting, storytelling and the communication of sustainability. First, measures were discussed and evaluated. The multiple added values of sustainability and danger to fall for clichés were discussed. Then we presented the BO Brand Platform and the analysis of communication channels. Many practical tips and best practices followed. At the end of the workshop day, first ideas regarding content were co-created.

Alexandra about the project: "The cooperation with Anke and her team has inspired and shaped us in many ways. For BO, sustainability is not a trend, but the purpose of existence. Thus, all processes are oriented towards the criteria of sustainability: the procurement of goods and services, the management of its eight event locations, the realization of events, internal communication and human resources. BO also has its environmental aspects checked at regular intervals by EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). It is a wonderful task to build a communication strategy on a stable, sustainable foundation".

"Do good and talk about it - together with TUTAKA we developed a clear vision and a marketing strategy with which we can now communicate our sustainability commitment even better!" Anke Stopperich, Managing Director


  • Client: BESONDERE ORTE (Berlin, Germany)
  • What they do: 8 event locations
  • Why they do it: They want to host special experiences and events in extraordinary locations with full-service by an amazing team with a positive impact on the environment.
  • Sustainability Keywords: Sustainable storytelling, sustainability communication strategy, ecoistic brand platform
  • Our input:
    - Analysis of existing communication channels and communicated contents
    - Manual "Sustainable Storytelling" with workshop content
    - Creation of a brand platform
    - Design of a marketing plan including ideas and content for editorial plan 2020/21, for website, newsletter and social media as well as corporate wording impulses
  • Methodology: Kick-off workshop with in-depth interviews, desk and on-site research, 1-day workshop with focus on sustainability communication

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Shortly before the end of the workshop, a round of speed dating brainstorming was held around the question "Which motifs and styles could make a BO photo shoot extraordinary and original?” With Dotmocracy favored ideas were highlighted, which will now be considered when planning photoshootings.

The communication workshop with the TUTAKA team took place in the Umweltforum - one of the eight event locations of BESONDERE ORTE - with a view of the Berlin Fernsehturm. What makes all of them so unique? Locations with history and true, daily practiced sustainability.

In the event location Umweltforum, guests can charge their smartphones & Co. with 100% green power between exciting meetings, delicious organic catering and buzzing fresh air breaks. On the picture: best-practice example of nudging!