Consultancy project

Inselpark Wilhelmsburg

TUTAKA was asked to become part of the consulting team of Green Events Hamburg (GEHH). With great pleasure we worked together with the event Frühlingserwachen in Wilhelmsburg. Together with many other cool events and event locations in Hamburg, we are now working on transforming the local event scene to become more sustainable. Among others, the Reeperbahn Festival, MS Dockville, 48h Wilhelmsburg and many more will be part of the journey.

When we first met Nina and Nina from the Insel Park, it was clear to us that this would be a special cooperation. Full of enthusiasm they told us about their wish to establish the Frühlingserwachen as a best practice for sustainable one-day events in Hamburg.

Our cooperation began in February 2020 and together we dedicated ourselves to the topic of sustainability in various workshops. We developed a sustainability mission statement with fields of action, measures and content proposals for the Frühlingserwachen. We looked at sustainability and hospitality at events and brainstormed about sustainable storytelling and communication strategies. We philosophised about the added value of sustainability and how added value can be a framework to avoid clichés and greenwashing. Afterwards we presented a questionnaire for suppliers to ensure a sustainable food- and material procurement. Finally, we will mingle with the visitors in May 2021 and experience the Frühlingserwachen in action. We will take random samples and talk to suppliers, artists and guests to evaluate the success of the developed measures.

Our input
-Creation of a multi-level sustainability mission statement including accompanying fields of action with short and long-term measures to deeply integrate sustainability within the strategy of Frühlingserwachen.
- Analysis of existing communication channels and communicated content.
- Design of a marketing plan including ideas and content for website, social media campaigns and impulses for corporate wording.
- Workshop content and manuals on sustainable procurement, sustainable storytelling and communication.
- Creation of a supplier questionnaire for sustainable procurement of food, beverages and materials.

What Charlotte says about this project: "It was wonderful to work with Nina and Nina from the Inselpark, as well as our co-host Lorenz Fontheim. For the Frühlingserwachen-Team, sustainability is not just a trend, but a deep conviction. With the ambitious goal of becoming an inspiration and a guide for sustainable one-day events, the Frühlingserwachen focuses on firmly established sustainability practices. In addition to internal processes, the communication of sustainability during the whole course of the event was considered. It was a great pleasure to work out a concept over several months with the full motivation and energy of the Inselpark-team, to make sustainability a tangible experience at the event.”

Nina and Nina from the Inselpark about TUTAKA
"Together with TUTAKA, we have created not only for the Frühlignserwachen but also for the Inselpark, a clear cut sustainability profile. Sustainability and the resulting field of actions and measures have become an integral part of our planning and processes. We see ourselves as initiators to bring sustainability closer to our partners and external organisers. In their workshops, Alexandra and Charlotte have not only provided us with sound theoretical knowledge, but also with many tools to put what we learned into practice. With their warm and engaging manner, the two have created a nice and relaxed workshop atmosphere in which a constructive and honest exchange took place. We felt very comfortable!"


  • Client: Wilhelmsburger Inselpark as part of the Green Events Hamburg (GEHH) project "Sustainable Events” Hamburg, Germany 
  • What they do: The 100-hectare large Inselpark is both an event venue and a local recreation area. Every year in May, the event “Frühlingserwachen” celebrates the start of the park season and welcomes springtime with open arms. 
  • Why they do it: The one day event Frühlingserwachen wants to set an example - an example of a sustainable, interactive and inspiring festival that shows people how to integrate sustainability into everyday life. 
  • Sustainability Keywords: Sustainable storytelling, sustainability communication strategy, sustainability mission statement, sustainability fields of action, implementation measures 
  • Methodology: Kick-off workshop to identify objectives and agree on an action plan; workshop focusing on sustainability communication; workshop focusing on sustainable purchasing and procurement; inspection of the Inselpark and the event site in the run-up to the Frühlingserwachen
  • “Most ♡ Idea of the Project”: The development of a new slogan (note TUTAKA: still a secret). 

The sustainable one-day event "Frühlingserwachen" welcomes everyone to celebrate springtime and the start of the new park season. The family friendly event makes you want to sip a cool, sustainable apple juice and welcomes children and adults to experience sustainability with lots of joy and curiosity. 

Europe's first muscle-powered stage is also used for the Frühlingserwachen. Pedalling on bicycles, visitors generate electricity for musicians and technology to the beat of the music. You can also find this cool party gadget on the TUTAKA marketplace.

Within our consultancy work, we always arrive with a suitcase full of design thinking methods. Part of our workshop this time was the interactive brainstorming session "I like, I wish, I wonder", in which we collected feedback and reviewed our ideas for a sustainable Frühlingserwachen.