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A challenging year lies behind us. The Covid pandemic has shaken all of our lives vigorously. The year 2020 has turned a lot upside down at Kopf & Steine. Major events were canceled due to Covid, the team went on short-time work, the uncertainty of how things would go in the coming months fluctuated from week to week, as precise forecasts about the further course were not possible to formulate or were constantly revised. 

After a successful start with all K&S employees in December 2019, the subsequent formation of working groups in twelve areas of action, the joint approval of the manifesto, the formulation of various sustainability goals with associated concrete measures and the approximation and processing of these, the “Stop button” was all over sudden pushed. Right in the middle, without any real warning and without knowing the force with which the pandemic is coming and how long it will last!

Covid confirms that we live in a fragile system, that climate change does not lie in the future but is taking place today. That pandemics are directly connected to it and that event organizers - now more than ever - have a responsibility to make a contribution to combat the climate crisis. Kopf und Steine ​​is still committed to the principle of sustainable development and will gradually minimize its negative effects and maximize their positive effects over the next years. For this, they have resumed work - and we look forward to continuing to support them in their sustainability transformation process.

Our input:

  • Onboarding and knowledge transfer workshop with employees
  • Creation of a manifest with twelve principles for action
  • Formation of working groups in twelve fields of action, formulation of goals and short-term and long-term measures
  • Implementation of in-depth workshops on the topics of sustainable procurement and communication
  • Creation of a code of conduct and a catering questionnaire for sustainable procurement and catering
  • Support of the working groups in the transformation process (ongoing)
  • Involvement of other experts to promote and develop knowledge and achieve goals in the individual working groups (including consultants from Green Events Hamburg) (ongoing)
  • Creation of an impact report for the year 2021 (pending)

Quote TUTAKA: 
“Claudio and I met in September 2019 at the Reeperbahn Festival in the Circular Container curated by TUTAKA. An exchange about the future of events, the involvement of guests and employees in the transformation process, dry toilets and humus, avoidance of plastic and futuristic alternatives to the diesel generator mark the beginning of our cooperation, which so far has been incredibly valuable, instructive and at the same time challenging for us and the team. "

Quote Client: 
“Festivals are a great playing field for trying out new ideas, discussing them and stimulating exchange. At the same time, festivals are resource-intensive, which is why we must continue to work intensively on sustainable solutions. We are therefore very happy about the process so far and about the next steps. ”- Claudio Urban

  • Client: Kopf und Steine GmbH 
  • What they do: Organizer of music and art events, including MS DOCKVILLE, SPEKTRUM, VOGELBALL, MS ARTVILLE
  • Why they do it: Promotion of culture and art, giving musicians a stage, bringing people together, creating an open playing field for new ideas ... and much, much more!
  • Sustainability Keywords: Sustainability strategy, fields of action, catalog of measures, transformation, sustainable festivals 


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The Dockville, Hamburg's festival for music and art, has established itself as an integral part of the German festival landscape. 

60,000 visitors from Germany and abroad come together every year at the Reiherstieg in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

The queer masquerade ball, to which visitors come dressed up as birds, is one of the biggest events of Kopf und Steine.